Questions & Answers: An Online Experience by Jonathan Pritchard


In a striking new dynamic, Mentalist Jonathan Pritchard is presenting a unique approach to entertainment. It's collaborative theater where the choices of the audience (that's you) guide the way the experience unfolds.

Do you want to leave with answers? Jonathan is a paid consultant for clients like BP, State Farm, United Airlines, and C-suite executives. He is highly sought after for his insights on the power of communication to unlock opportunities that others won't recognize. He draws on a variety of "reading" systems to allow his audiences to understand their situations in new ways and leave with powerful answers that were hidden in plain sight.

Do you want to leave with questions? Jonathan is one of the most skillful Mentalists in the world who can leave you questioning everything you believe. He values the power of a useful mystery and has dedicated his life to helping people find the right question for the right moment.
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