February 1, 2020

Show Number 1

After months of planning, it finally happened: "Game of Imagination" went from being an idea to being a reality.

The evening was a blast, and I was deeply honored by the turn out. There were friends, strangers, and even my mom flew in from North Carolina to be there for the show.

Show Number 1 1

In this picture you can see Michael, the manager of the hotel, pointing to place on his head where he feels the numbers he's thinking about. And then I pulled them from his mind.

After the show we were immediately talking about booking the next performance, and we're on the calendar for February 21st and tickets are already moving! (Reserve your seat here.)

I also got to see some old friends! The guy in the gray suit is Dan (@dr.tinkler), and we worked together at a chocolate festival several years back. We haven't gotten to spend much time together which is why it was so awesome to see him at the show.

There are a lot of other fun details, photos, and conversations I had that night and I'll be sharing more in the future as they come in, but for now I wanted to thank everyone who came out to the show for making the first be the first of many (hopefully), and a huge thank you to the Knickerbocker staff who helped make it be such a success.

Here's to the future!

Show Number 1 5

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