The Mentalist

Asheville's #1 mentalist, Jonathan Pritchard is set to reveal his cutting-edge show "Game of Imagination."

Combining improv with skillful mental manipulations, you'll witness demonstrations of mind power that you simply won't believe until you see it for yourself.

Pritchard has performed on 3 continents for Fortune 500 companies like BP, State Farm, United Airlines, and beyond. He rarely performs for the public, so this is your one opportunity to see what makes him one of the most sought-after engagement specialists at trade shows, conferences, and other corporate events.

The Show

The 70 minute online experience explores the power of human imagination and uniquely focuses on the participation of audience members as the stars of the show.

If you'd rather sit back and watch without being involved, that's fine, too. It's purely a volunteer-basis thing. We predict, however, that your curiosity might get the better of you and you'll be raising your hand to play the game of imagination...
Get Your Ticket
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