A Quick Message From The Mentalist

How To Get The Most Out Of The Show

  • YOU WILL NOT BE USING STELLAR. As a VIP you'll be getting an email from me with a Zoom link and that's how you'll be watching the show. You will not need to log into Stellar for anything now that you have your tickets.
  • Dress to impress! You'll be on camera, so it's a great excuse to get fancy.
  • Show your smiling face. A pitch-black room or the "there's a light behind me so I look like I'm in witness protection" look is less than ideal.
  • Bring a deck of cards and a necklace. We'll be using it during the show for a cool demonstration.
  • Save dinner for later. Cocktails are definitely encouraged. Having a full-blown dinner while you're on camera is not. (Yes there's a story behind this one.)
  • USE EARBUDS. This one is non-negotiable. You'll be on a Zoom call and without earbuds you'll get the dreaded audio loop/feedback issue and that means you won't be able to communicate.
  • Show up no less than 30 minutes before showtime. We need time to test your video, audio, and go over last minute logistic details.
  • Think about this like Live TV. That means once the broadcast starts, the studio is closed. That's why we close the Zoom room 10 minutes before showtime.
  • No current events on the call. The show is a chance for everyone to put down their problems for an hour and simply have fun. That means in the zoom preshow call, we keep it light and aren't going to bring up anything going on outside the "walls" of the call. 
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